Planting and harvesting

Our potatoes are planted in and harvested from clay soil in Zeeland. This is done for us by our regular farmer partner, who also stores them for us in a special dark shed after harvesting. Only the very best of these potatoes are brought to our small fries factory every day. When arrived, they will be processed into fries the same day.


Every morning the potatoes are peeled by our scraping machines and then washed in a large tank.


From the large tank they are moved to our strip cutter by a conveyor belt and then cut into delicious fries. After the strip cutter, they are moved to the packaging machine to be packed for transport to our shops.


After packaging and transporting, they arrive in our shops in the course of the morning. Here they are first par-fried to precook the potatoes, after which they are put onto the cool down plate on top of the oven. Finally the fries are finished crispy on the outside every time they are ordered.

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